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Newspaper Blogger

Newspaper Blogger

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Website URL https://viospaper.blogspot.com
Mobile Frendly Check!
Responsive Check!
SEO Frendly Check!
Schema Markup Check!
Ads Optimized Check!
Font AweSome Check!
Breadcrumb Navigation Check!
Pop-up Search Form Check!
Widget Sticky Check!
Mega Menu Check!
Disqus Komentar Check!
Featured Images Check!
Slider Images Post Check!
Widget Author Box Simple Check!

Newspaper Blogger

Newspaper Blogger

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Newspaper Blogger

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Newspaper Blogger

- v.1.0 (04 Maret 2019) - Penambahan Mega Menu - Penambahan Wigdet Breaking News

- v.1.1 – v.1.2 (06 Maret 2019): - Perbaikan Warna Navigasi - Penambahan Widget slot iklan - Penambahan Wigdet data post view

- v.1.3 – 1.5 (06 Maret 2019) - Perbaikan Menu Navigasi via Mobile - Mengganti Posisi Featured Post - Memperbaiki tampilan widget Populer Posts - Perbaikan Posisi Icon Menu di Mobile - Perbaikan Posisi Logo via Mobile - Perbaikan Desain Homepage

- v.1.6 (07 Maret 2019) - Perbaikan CSS Widget Label List - Perbaikan CSS Warna font

- v.1.7 (08 Maret 2019) - Perbaikan tampilan Featured Post - Perbaikan tampilan widget related posts - Penambahan fiktur Next and Previus

- v.1.8 (09 Maret 2019) - Perbaikan Widget Author Box Menggunakan Ikon Sosial Media - Menganti Posisi Related Post berlabel kebagian Atas - Perubahan tampilan share Bottom - Perbaikan wigdet Footer menjadi 3 kolom

- v.1.9 (10 Maret 2019) - Penambahan Link Menu di Bagian atas - Perbaikan Breadcrumb menggunakan icon FontAwesome - Perbaikan Thumbanil Images dalam Post - Perbaikan Images Slider tampilan via Mobile
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